Current fees are charged on a half yearly basis of $234.00 each six months (which equates to $9.00 per week) including GST.

The ticket periods are January to June and July to December. Fees can be paid by any of the following means:

  • by payroll deduction
    (your employer deducts from your weekly pay)
  • by direct debit (electronic funds transfer) directly from your bank account
    (the union performs this transaction on your authority)
  • by account
    (payable 6monthly in advance)
  • by collection
    (AMIEU Officials collect when visiting your worksite)

If you are an apprentice or if you earn less than $405 per week on average, then you will only be charged the value of a half ticket (ie $117.00 each six months).

Fees can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or six monthly at your choice of  convenience.