JBS is SA’s largest lamb processor, killing up to 9000 sheep and lambs per day for export. It is situated at Bordertown which is on the states border with Victoria, about 300 kilometres East from Adelaide. Telephone: 08 8752 1233


LOBETHAL is a domestic processor of both beef and lamb. It is a medium size plant employing around 180 people. An enterprise agreement provides the tally and conditions of employment for the slaughterers and boners, the labourers work under the Federal Award. Telephone: 08 8389 6368


HOLCO is one of SA’s largest domestic suppliers of meat. It is located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and works to an enterprise agreement with the Unon. Telephone: 08 8349 5455


TEYS BROTHERS is a specialist beef processing plant located at Naracoorte in the state’s south-east about 3 hours drive from Adelaide and close to the Victorian border. The company employs about 300 workers to slaughter and bone beef. Telephone: 08 8762 3988


PRIMO is a pig slaughter and boning operation. the factory is located about 1 hour’s drive to the north of Adelaide and employes about 300 workers.

Telephone: 08 8867 1088


METRO VELDA is a specialist horse slaughter and boning operation situated about 250 kilometres north of Adelaide. It operates to an enterprise agreement with the union but is only a small workforce and job opportunities are limited. Telephone: 08 8651 2305