Direct debit information

Payment of Union fees by direct debit

This will give you general information you need about paying your Union fees by the Direct Debit System and also the importance of correctly completing the required paperwork known as a Direct Debit Request form (DDR) and DDR agreement form.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sue in the Union office (8274 4100) or toll free (1800 882 645) for country and Western Australian members.

Privacy and limits to authority to deduct

Privacy is a concern for many members. There is strict security process built into the Direct Debit System supplied by the Commonwealth Bank and the union must comply with all government privacy legislation.

Increasing the debit amount

The union is only lawfully able to deduct the amount specified by you on the attached DDR agreement form. You must be informed by the union, in writing, of any authorised increases in union fees however new agreement forms do not have to be completed again.

Participating financial institutions

The Direct Debit System is available from all major banks, most credit unions and most building societies Australia wide, however it is recommended that you check with your financial institution to confirm their current policy.


At most banks, there is no charge to the worker to have the weekly debits transferred to the Union, however some financial institutions allow a certain number of free transactions per month and after that number is reached you will be charged for each additional transaction. Please make sure you check your individual bank to find out about such fees.

It is very important for you to read the next paragraph in relation to insufficient funds.

Avoiding costly dishonours

When a direct debit transaction fails due to insufficient funds, the worker will be required to pay a dishonor fee. As each financial institution has varying fees between $11 to $30 per dishonor transaction, it is imperative that you check with your bank/credit union regarding such fees. The Union is also charged when a direct debit is returned for any reason. If you have not advised the reason for the DDR return, then the applicable bank charge (to the union) will be added to your membership account.

Completing the DDR form

The top section: Customer (member’s) Authority requires your name, address, signature(s) and date signed. Note: you must include both names if using a joint account.

The second section: Details of Account to be debited requires you to name the applicable bank/credit union, the name of the account together with the bank account number which includes the BSB (to identify your bank). These details can be found on your bank statement, cheque or deposit books.

If you are not sure of the correct BSB number, you will need to ring your local banking institution to obtain the correct details.

Account Number please check the number is correct.

Quoting the wrong account number is a common mistake. Often this is because members quote the number of their plastic card. For credit unions and building societies this is correct, but it is not correct for banks. The number on the plastic card is the card number, not the account number.

The bottom section: Requires your signature(s) again

Keeping the Union up to date

Should you wish to alter or cease your debit transfers, then please contact the Union office as soon as possible and then confirm your advice in writing. This applies to changing or closing bank accounts, altering the amount or day to be debited or ceasing the direct debit for any reason.

Workcover claims – cessation of weekly income

It is also important to remember that if you have a work related injury and do not receive your weekly income until such time as the claim is accepted, then there may be no funds available for the Union to debit your account.

When resigning from your employment

Remember, when terminating your employment you will also need to advise the Union of your movements (ie either leaving the industry totally or transferring to another employer). This information is not automatically provided to the union by your employer so it is imperative that you either advise the Union as soon as possible.

If the union has not been made aware in writing that you wish to cease your payments by direct debit then overpaid union fees will not be refunded.