Why join AMIEU?

People  often ask  ‘What does the Union do?’

The Union influences many things that affect the working lives of many people, in fact, anyone who is employed.  In order to do this we need workers to join the Union because this is the only source of income to the Union, and that income is used to provide resources to the members.  It is a constant cycle.

What sort of things do we influence?

For a start, we are full members and have direct influence in the following bodies:

  • The Meat Hygiene Advisory Committee
  • The Meat Industry Safer Industries Committee
  • The Western Australian Meat Industry Authority
  • The Food and Beverage Industry Training Councils
  • The Trades and Labor Councils who then represent  our Union’s views on all Industrial and Workers Compensation Advisory Councils to Government.

What else do Union members get?

Benefits AMIEU members receive as part of their membership:

  • Journey accident cover which sustains wages including second job wages if you are incapacitated by an injury sustained on the way to work or home from work.
  • Emergency transport cover – This cover extends to all financial members of the union, the members spouse and their children up to the age of 18, further to that, the policy will indemnify any students and or children under the age of 25 years who are not in receipt of any taxable income, and totally dependant relatives residing with the member.  The cover is for emergency road transport anywhere in Australia.  Interstate transport covers the transport of sick or injured patients to the nearest suitable hospital
  • Funeral benefits – view the Rules of Benefit.
  • Discounts in various shops and businesses on presentation of the union membership card.
  • Access to Union Shopper (for members in SA) and Shop Rite (for members in WA) which is a telephone shopping service that helps you find the best prices for goods without the hassle of shopping around.
  • Tools of trade (knives, steels etc.) at below wholesale cost prices!!.  See our price list to compare our incredibly low prices for quality brand name products.



Do you know what your rights are in respect to industrial laws covering pay disputes, dismissals, harassment or discrimination?
Your employer does, and so does the Union!

AMIEU members receive professional advice and are represented free of charge by Union officers (including legally qualified officers) in:

  • the Industrial Commission, for better wages and conditions in awards or for unfair dismissals or industrial disputes.
  • the Industrial Court, for underpayment of wages claims and  matters of a judicial nature.
  • the Workcover Tribunal, for workers compensation conciliations and arbitrations.  We also assist and advise members during conferences and negotiations.
  • the Commission and at the workplace, for negotiations and the certification of industrial agreements



AMIEU members decide the issues and what approach will be taken by the union to represent workers views when lobbying Government, industry committees, Workcover, or training bodies, etc: for fair workplace laws, trading hours, health & safety laws, industry regulation & training
And more! And dont forget…. union fees are fully  tax deductible!
Be a part of the workers representative and help provide the much needed resources that further and protect the interests of workers.  Join today!    We need you!