Emergency transport cover

This cover extends to all financial members of the union, the members spouse and their children up to the age of 18, further to that, the policy will indemnify any students and or children under the age of 25 years who are not in receipt of any taxable income, and totally dependant relatives residing with the member.

The full time cover is for emergency road transport anywhere in Australia.  Interstate transport covers the transport of sick or injured patients to the nearest suitable hospital

The union is pleased to be able to offer this benefit to its members as a part of their union membership.

So – if you (or any of your family living with you) require emergency ambulance transport, then ring the union office for a claim form as soon as possible.  Once your account has been received, then send both the complete claim form with your account to the Union office.

For further information please contact Sue in the office 8274 4100 or 1800 882 645 (toll free for country and WA members)